Idealists: 1 – Realists: 0

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this. But, I am of the belief that if you can grasp the message presented above by A Man’s Search for Meaning author, Viktor Frankl, you can meet your potential.

Any outlook that presents you a world with limits or creates some static existence of ‘normal’ in your life will only solidify your fate as an underachiever. Personally, I don’t believe in being realistic. I am an idealist, and I’d encourage you to think the same. You’d be surprised at what’s available to you when you assume it’s possible.

Seek perfection. Enjoy the imperfect result.


Logan Gelbrich



9/26/13 WOD

Find 1 RM Turkish Getup

Complete the following for time:

5 Turkish Getup (R) (50% 1 RM)
5 Turkish Getup (L)
20 Burpees
10 Turkish Getup (R)
10 Turkish Getup (L)
20 Burpees
5 Turkish Getup (R)
5 Turkish Getup (L)