‘Femme Royale’ SUCCESS!

Amazement. Pure, simple amazement. That’s how I’d describe the daze that I’ve been in now for a day and a half. Our women who participated in Saturday’s ‘Femme Royale’ Competition absolutely stole the show.

Saturday was a day of nerves, successes, failures, blood (literally), sweat, and triumph. For some, this was their first experience competing. For many of the first timers, the thought was never on their radar before entering. For the veterans, it was a time to put themselves on the line and find out what their made of. And, for both newbies and advances athletes there were strict orders to have a BLAST! Every single one of our girls did nothing short of inspire the men and women from the community that came out in droves to support them.


The courage these ladies took in sticking their neck out there makes them as good a leader as any in my book. It’s this “lead from the front” attitude that will take them and this community to new heights. Regardless of your history or what’s in store in your future, competition is the best place to breed greatness. I’m blessed to have these women around to make me a better coach and a better athlete. I owe you all a bit of thanks for holding the standard.

We’re all paying attention. Well done, girls!


Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

5 rounds:
400m Run
12 Push Ups
21 Squats
(1:1 Work to Rest)

**Athletes record 5 individual round scores

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