FFOTB: Worth Writing Home About

Many times it takes a reminder to let you know how good you’ve got it. I really work hard to go to sleep at night believing that we provide a remarkable experience here at FFOTB. Just recently, I received an email from a member of ‘The Nation’ that lives 2000 miles away. Nearly a year after the only visit they made to FFOTB, the experience in still fresh in their minds. Here’s what they had to say:

Hi Logan and Danny,

Alex and I have been meaning to write the two of you for a few months now and you beat us to it… we just got your very thoughtful Christmas card today. What a nice surprise! 
We have been thinking about you guys and the way that you run your business and thought that we should reach out to tell you how impressed we are with your gym.  Your names came up because we just made a scrapbook from our ironman.. and you should know that there is a whole page in it about FFOTB and our work out there (see attached). We really enjoyed our experience with you guys. 
FFOTB makes the Ironman journey scrapbook.

FFOTB makes the Ironman journey scrapbook.

We started talking about FFOTB and how amazing our ONE experience there was. We love following your gym on instagram and facebook and seeing the way you guys praise your members when they hit a PR or something is going on in their lives and how you guys celebrate that. It seems like the most amazing community & it all stems from the two of you as coaches. The reason why I’m going on and on rambling is because we thought you needed to know that. These days it seems like people are always complaining about what is wrong with organizations or companies (just look at yelp… more negative comments than positive ones)… and we just thought, when someone is doing a good job, you should let them know.
So that’s what we have been meaning to tell you guys. We have visited a lot of CrossFit gyms around the country and NONE… I’m serious… NONE of them come close to the coaching ability, service and community that FFOTB provides.
We really hope to have another chance to come out and visit you guys. If we get a chance to get out to Cali , we’ll try to make a trip to Santa Monica and get a WOD in with you guys. Until then, we wish you all the success in the world and want you to know that anytime any of our friends say they are going out to Cali, we tell them to make a stop at FFOTB… and for those not going out to Cali… we are always spreading the word about how much we enjoyed our experience at FFOTB and how awesome the two of you are as coaches.
Thank you again for your card… it’s the little things like that, that make all the difference in the world to members (or even people from Chicago who just made 1 visit to your gym). You guys are awesome…. keep up the great work! 
Take care and Happy New Year!
Your biggest fans from Chicago,
Brittany and Alex 
It’s tough to read that and not smile ear to ear. We’ve got the best community in the world, and who knew that this community is much, much larger than just a small pocket of Los Angeles.
Logan Gelbrich
Thursday’s Workout:
Push Up Ladder
3 rounds for time:
800m Run
50 KB Front Squats (53/35)
**Rounds start every 8 minutes

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