Happy Holidays to ‘The Nation’

-No Class for the Holiday-

This time of year is made great in large part by the efforts we make to reflect. When I take time to reflect on this past year I see each and every one of your faces. I hear the heartfelt complaining about the mountain climbers being two count instead of one. I can hear Dan Estes screaming his way through front squats. IPG’s black Bronco sits parked in the front of my mind freshly waxed in mint condition.

You see, you’re lives affect us at FFOTB more than you could imagine. We wake up in the morning with thoughts swirling of potential warm ups and hypothetical scaling options for who may show up that day. We go to bed each night wondering what words could strike a cord in some of you to realize your maximal self.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

It’s this time of year that I want turn to you all, ‘The Nation,’ and say thank you. Sure, we are the coaches, but you all are teaching us every single day. As our attention shifts towards 2013, my imagination perks up.

Ricky is going to laugh at his 10k race times from 2012, DPatt is going to inspire us all (again), and ‘Dad’ might find himself on top of a podium as a Master’s competition champion. I see some real estate coming our way for our ‘Main Campus,’ too. The accomplishments of ‘The Nation’ though too expansive to describe here will culminate in the 2nd Annual Make Sh*t Happen event and party. I can see it clear as day. Can you?

Thank you all for your beautiful addition to this community. Let’s take 2013 by storm!


Logan Gelbrich


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