Watch this video. You’ll find yourself inspired, thankful, and proud to be a human being.  It so easy to look at an athlete like Chad Jones and write him off as a gift from God. He’s so exceptional at so many things, players like him are often snubbed as barely responsible for their own success.

“Drive” personified.

When you see something like this and learn you had it wrong when you called him just a “freak of nature.” He has drive. And, let me tell you, “drive” isn’t reserved for football players and Olympians. Drive is what puts people on the Forbes 100 List. It’s what puts men and women into space and it’s what’s going to get you where you’d like to go, too… if, in fact, you ever get there.

Saddle up, partner. It’s a wild ride if you’re willing to work for it.

Do you have drive?


Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

“Battery Work”
Even: 5 RDL (185/115)
Odd: 10 Depth Push Ups
Then complete the following for time:
21-15-9 KB Squat Clean Thrusters
60 Yard Shuttle (5-10-15)

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