Home Sweet (.Com) Home

With thousands of  unique visits to this very website each week and almost 10,000 unique visits to our Facebook page last week, there’s no doubt that more than our students are feeling the impact of our tight knit community. And, that isn’t a humble brag. Though the majority of our viewers come from outside our official student body, I’d  like to remind of all our students that FFOTB.com should be, in many ways, home base. It’s a resource. Use it. 

Check the website… we might be out paddling.

If you’re regularly checking the site and reading the blog posts, your relationship with this community will grow (regardless of your level of participation). These blog posts aren’t for nothing, so much so that your fitness will improve, I promise. And, furthermore, you’ll be in touch with what’s happening in our community.

Trust me, there’s always a ton of stuff going on at FFOTB and the only way for you to know about it is this place right here. Make this site your home, especially if you’re coming to class that day. God forbid you don’t check the website and you come on a day that we are all on a cruise to Mexico, or you show up and you’re the only person NOT wearing a Sponge Bob Square Pants costume.

Don’t lose touch with us. If folks in England and Sweden are in the know, there’s no excuse for those of you with a membership.

FFOTB.com — Call it home!


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

Complete the following for time:

800m Run
40 Russian Swings (53/35)
10 Power Cleans (155/105)
40 Russian Swings
800m Run

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