Living the Standard

This is a school.  It is a place of learning. It’s place to make mistakes, as well.  Of course, by nature, humans do not like to make mistakes, but with these mistakes comes coaching.  Coaching comes in many different forms. At FFOTB, it may just be a hug, it may be “get your depth in your squat,”  it may be “arch your back in the bottom of your deadliest,” of it may be “relax your arms in your kettlebell swing.”  Other times, it may be in a text message or an email.  Regardless, in a school we come to learn.

I want to challenge each of you to not be attached to the mistake, but to focus rather on the  finished product.  As a coaches, we will tell you what is happening when you move.  We will tell you what you do well, and what could use work.  If you don’t fix what we are referring to, you better believe we will stay after you.  It is not to make fun of you, or to make you feel bad, but to make you better.  Believe me, we all have deficiencies in our movement, even the coaches.

Community coffee… standard.

Part of our program is measurable fitness.  Nothing is measurable without standards.  Our standards show up as rep counts, time, rounds, and measurements of movement.  These are all in place so that  we can undoubtably see improvements in our fitness.  This is not a place where people that cut rep counts short. This is not a place where people find success in less than optimal movement This is not a place where dishonesty is present.  When you come here, you as part of “The Nation.” Show up, and  do the work, and record your score as it is, because one day you will beat that score. I am sure of it.

Every workout is by no means the Olympic Games.  Granted it is fun to have competition, and boy do we ever.  There is an amazing amount of value in playing the game for longevity, however.  I think its awesome to have a fast time in a workout, but if that is at the expense of injuring your body.. Save it! NOT HERE!  We are a place to train and to move well.  If a coach tells you to lower your weight or adjust your workout,  leave your ego at home.  In fact, you will leave much stronger and much fitter without PRing every day.

This may seem harsh.  And in some ways, it should be.  No one is immune to bad decisions in workouts and injury.  I just came from treatment by the best doc in the West, our very own Dr. Lindsey Mathews.  I hurt my low back.  Yes, I am a coach, and yes I was squatting too heavy without good body position.  There is a place in this ‘Continuum of Fitness’ where each of us reside for now.  Lets keep you moving forward though, because you don’t want to be where I am right now, at the rest stop on the side of the highway with an injury.

So, as you come to class and your movement is less than ideal.  Rest assured that your coach will be right there.  Because, in this place, this beautiful place, things are different. We are here to get better, and less than your best is just not good enough.

Here’s to being happy and healthy.


Danny Lesslie


Monday’s Workout:

“Clean the Bluff”

Complete the following for time:

4 Stations (Each with Different Implements)
25 Squat Cleans at each Station

1)Med Ball Cleans
2)Sandbag Cleans
3)KB Cleans
4)BB Cleans

**athletes must complete cleans at each station in respective row ADV/INT/BEG, then run 200M between stations


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