Sales 101

As some of you know, in my previous career I was an insurance salesman. I despised this job, but it was a fantastic learning experience of the inner workings of the sales process.  After all, people were not busting down the door to buy life insurance. It was quite the opposite.  It felt more like hunting very elusive prey than anything.

During my 3 years there, I did a good amount of selling.  It took me 3 years to figure out that I was actually not doing the selling, I had been a small piece in a much larger plan.  I had been sold myself, by a bunch of seasoned sales people.  These were not my dreams that I was chasing, they were their dreams ever so gently positioned to resemble mine.


From my first interview, a beautiful portrait of what could be, was painted before me.  And I totally bit.  Finally when I figured it all out, I decided to move on, and am so thankful I did so.

This post is not about selling insurance.  It is about the most valuable thing I learned in regards to the sales process. Let me teach you a bit about sales..

Selling is like walking someone down a hallway and shutting doors along the way as you pass them. Unbeknownst to them, these doors are their objections.  Eventually you lead them to a Golden Door, which is what you are trying to sell.  At this point, in the mind of the consumer, they realize that all of their objections have already been put to rest, and the only solution is the Golden Door.

Boom! SALE!

What this taught me was to listen to the consumer, and to have their needs at the forefront of my mind.  The issue that I had with the business, was that I got tired of selling someone something outside themsevles.  I wanted to be part of something that involved people investing in themselves, and bettering themselves.  This is what drew me to fitness. After all, whether you realize it or not, YOU are the Golden Door.  You are what is left after all the objections and excuses.

I absolutely jump at the opportunity to show someone that they are the answer.  I love that about my life.   I love that about “The Nation.”  This is a place full of Golden Doors!  I see happy, successful, fulfilled people every day– all day.

I want you to consider one thing. What are the proverbial doors that stand in your way?  Then, I want you to take this one step further. What are the doors in others’ lives around you?  Can you help them shut those?  Yep, you sure can.  Let’s change this community!


Danny Lesslie


Monday’s Workout:


3 Clean and Jerks (185/135)

5, 10, 15, 20, 25… Walking Lunges



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