FREE Workouts!

Yeah, you heard it right — FREE!

The other day I was talking to a student of ours and she mentioned that she just realized that since our programing is posted on the website each day that she could do some of them on her own when she couldn’t make it to class. Instantly, wondering whether she offended me by “stealing” our workouts, she nervously asked if it was OK do do so.

Of course it is!

We don’t sell permission to use training equipment or access to super secret effective workouts. This is a business, no doubt about it, but hopefully by now you’ve realized that part of what makes this business go is finding out how fitness fits in our students lives. This is the reason we don’t accept overstrained students’ money and encourage responsible training volume. This is also the reason we send you custom workouts when you’re traveling.


If you can’t afford that upgrade to a Gold Membership, why not do an extra workout from the website on your own? Don’t have all the necessary supplies? We will help you scale or substitute movements!

In addition, this should speak to our program and what it’s all about. Since the workouts are “free,” you may begin to understand that they aren’t  the reason this place is valuable. Sometimes working out on your own will just have to do, but you’ll soon find out that it’s just not the same.

FFOTB is about coaching. It’s about community and the formation of a lifestyle that includes your goals answered and surpassed. It’s about fitness you can see and the ride along the way. FFOTB is about people. The workouts? Ya, those are free.

Logan Gelbrich
Friday’s Workout:

9 rounds for time of:
50m Sprint
9 Jump Squats
12 KB Swings

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