Dear Santa Monica

As someone who has been in the Santa Monica community my whole life, it’s no wonder I sought the city for the location of what’s become the most incredible gym community the world has seen. I was born just up the street at Saint John’s and I graduated from Saint Monica Catholic High School, so to me Santa Monica is home.

Flag Day on the Bluffs

That being said, I am concerned with Functional Fitness on the Bluffs and it’s future. Especially, as training in Palisades Park becomes a hot topic in the city council. As you may know, a handful of passionate citizens can’t wait to rid such activities from the park, citing damage to the property, blocking pathways, attaching equipment to light fixtures and trees, noise, etc.

We currently have an incredible, even friendly, relationship with the park rangers, SMPD, city staff, and neighboring trainers. Furthermore, FFOTB is one of few fully licensed, fully insured operations in the park. We have obeyed all procedures currently implemented by the city, not to mention we communicate with those around us. This isn’t true of all training groups unfortunately, and this may hurt our cause. But, I can not ignore the fact that Palisades Park is, in fact, a public park. It’s historic, even. And, it will be around long after we are all gone.

June 27th there will be a meeting from 11-1PM on the second floor of the library to discuss this matter. The event is more of a brainstorming session with actual training groups to hear thoughts and concerns regarding this issue. You can imagine it may be a refreshing rebuttal to the repeat angry calls and letters from unhappy locals.

What I’d ask of you all, regardless of your level of participation in our community is to write a short note to the city (it will act more effectively than even going to the meeting). If you could weigh in honestly about:

  • Our use of the park
  • What your experience has been
  • Any observations surrounding this ordeal
  • Any additional comments, ideas, or suggestions

You can send such notes to before June 27th. This is much appreciated. Keep in mind, regardless of how much positivity we have within our community, we need to continue to obey the rules and procedures of the city or we have no ground to stand on. This is simply one of those procedures.

Do not fear. FFOTB will live on.

Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

3 rounds:
In 2 minutes:
25 Burpees
Max Distance OH Walking Lunge
-Rest 2 min-

[see March 22, 2012]

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