Workout Clothes: A Uniform

Do you have a “go to” outfit to train in? OK, maybe wearing the exact same thing would get a little gross with the sweat and grime of training, but you know what I mean. Your attire is more than just something to separate you from the grass and marine layer. In many ways, the clothes that you workout in (at least when training like we do) is much like a uniform in team sports.

What’s your uniform? Do you have a specific style? Are there brands that define your “workout uniform?”

Some folks take this WAY too far 🙂

For me, I can’t really say that I’m making any fashion statements, by any means, but I do “put on a uniform” when I train. Or, at least I feel like it. First off, I am partial to lululemon. They are an incredible company that creates quality products (like us), and most importantly has a well defined organizational culture (like us). So, my “uniform” is usually built with a foundation of lululemon regalia. The signature style part for me, however, is tucking my shirt in. Let’s just say, shirt tucked in means it’s time for business.

This has nothing to do with “looking cute” and has everything to do with routine and a mindset. I’m interested to hear about how something as minuscule as your attire sets the stage for your performances and your mindset. If it doesn’t now, could it?

Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

200m Run
10 Squats
15 KB Swings
10 Burpee Broad Jumps

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  • Matt Cipolla says:

    I wear a headband every time I work out. I started doing it to just keep my hair out of my face sometimes, but now it’s a habit, and I HAVE to wear a headband every time.

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