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Regardless of where your allegiances lie in the world of college sports, one cant help to tip his cap to the UCLA legacy. UCLA has won over 100 NCAA National Championships, which is good for most all time by an university. It cannot be debated that the campus of UCLA is one of winners. Walking around the campus in Westwood in many ways feels like an athletic museum.

What better way to distill performance down than in the cut throat environment of collegiate athletics? In NCAA Division I athletics, it pays to be a winner, especially if your a coach. Can’t win? You’ll soon be unemployed. If you can win, though, you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

So, historically UCLA sits atop of the mountain in terms of performance in the NCAA. UCLA football’s head coach, Jim Mora’s, entire career lies in the hands of 18-22 year old kids. What message has he chosen to post on the door to the team’s locker room? Take a look:


We Control Our Attitude, Effort, & Work Habits

Listen & Focus

No Excuses

Improve Everyday

Notice that the message makes no reference to results, yet results measuring stick by which all thentirely there will be graded. Keep in mind that if Coach Mora does anything except win, he’s finished. Instead, the message is four simple statements, furthermore they are process oriented statements. I’ve never had to score a touchdown in my life, but I’d bet if I lived by these guidelines, I’d end up aliright.

What do you think?

Barbells and sunshine.

Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

5 Rounds for Reps & Time:
Max Front Squats (155/115)
200m Run

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