Double Duty

Have you ever felt the intensity of not wanting to let someone down? It’s a feeling we can all relate to. When your actions affect another person (or persons), we tend to step up our game. Things seem to matter more.

Why is that?

Our recent Dynamic Duo Partner Challengeincluded this element a bit. As students made their way through their rounds, they full well understood that not only were they contributing to themselves but to their partner. This adds all the more incentive to do your best, right?

Raising the bar with partner accountability.

Well, I’d like to think you, too, were deserving of your very best effort.

Taking ten steps back and viewing this dynamic from a distance, I find it interesting that many of us are willing to do some things for others, but not necessarily ourselves. That conversation you are having in your head during training, for example, is more apt to justify letting you off the hook than it is apt to letting you and a buddy off the hook.

If this is you, take note of this habit. We ought to begin with the self and let its impact ripple to those close to us and beyond. Any battles within yourself will surely hinder your ability to be an excellent teammate, friend, sibling, or otherwise. You must have pride first in YOU!

Explore those disparities where you’ll go the extra mile for someone else, but not yourself. This should raise a red flag. You’re better than that. Believe it.

Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

For time/reps:
400m run
-Rest 2 minutes-
2 Minutes Max Burpees
-Rest 2 minutes-
400m Run
-Rest 2 minutes-
2 minutes Max Burpees

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