“Run Fast Jump High Shoes”

I remember when I was a kid I thought that all you had to have to be an awesome athlete, or capable of anything, was a pair of “Run Fast Jump High Shoes.”  One thing that is present when you’re a kid, and has a funny way of diminishing over the years is the ability to play.   Unless you specifically hold on to it and don’t let go, we tend to lose our “fun factor.”  When you’re a kid, you can close your eyes and you can become Michael Jordan, and then you dunk on your 6 ft kiddy basket, and despite all reality, in your head you are him.  This is an amazing skill.

FFOTB and friends sweating with lululemon.

When is the last time that you thought you were one of your heroes and acted like them?  I will admit, it has been awhile for me.  Believe it of not, adults actually do have better imaginations then children.  We just don’t tend to use them.  Kids never seem to stop using them.  Lucky them.

As we get older it seems to be harder to be what we want.  There seems to be a lot more work involved. Losing that 30 lbs, getting that promotion, buying that new car, buying that new house, all seem to take so much work.  As part of “the Nation,” we are all here improving our fitness together.  And God willing we will all be at our goals sooner than later, because we have each other and we make this fun.
If you wanna run fast and jump high, a little laughter may be all you need.  Come get your shoes on!
Danny Lesslie
Tuesday’s Workout:
On the minute:
Complete 5 burpees and perform max rep KB thrusters on the minute.

The goal is to complete 100 total thrusters.

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