Ebb and Flow

You’ve heard it a billion times: “Nothing is constant but change.” Cliches may be overdone, but I promise the moment they stop being true, I’ll stop talking about them. Deal?


Ebb and flow, with regards to the tides, describes the fluctuation that occurs on any sea shore. These fluctuations are a bit more predictable than the fluctuations that occur in your life, however, albeit your bank statement, relationship status, or something as general as your level of happiness.

Pigeon party.

Considering that change is inevitable, it seems as though we all have both some ebb and some flow coming our way. Things not going so well? The ebb and flow of life is unpredictable. Are you comfortable living in your current lull? How long are you willing to endure the low points? Rest assured… fluctuation is in your favor.

Can’t relate? Maybe things are going great, then. Without bursting your bubble too much, keep in mind your flow won’t last forever. Can you enjoy the good times knowing they are temporary?

Change is coming. It’s inevitable, whether it’s for the good or the bad. I suggest you embrace the reality of the situation… ebb or flow. Find comfort in chance and you’ll find comfort in life.


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

Hang Squat Clean

1000m Run
15 V-Ups
Max Reverse Burpees


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