Your Brand

My work got me thinking about a unique way of looking at ourselves. This past year I’ve started two brands, Functional Fitness on the Bluffs and ORIGINAL Nutritionals. When starting a company, building your brand is very clear. What is this brand about? What is it not? How is it perceived? What does it do?

It’s odd that something like that can be so clear when creating a project, but often gets muddied with regards to ourselves. Could you answer the above questions as succinctly as you could about Nike, Apple, or General Motors? If not, why? FFOTB: Genuine work. Genuine result.

It’s been said that all you have in this life is your reputation. I think we all could benefit from the deliberate intention that goes into creating a brand for ourselves. What do you want your personal brand to look like? What does it embody? What isn’t it?

Let’s hear it.

Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

10 RM Overhead Squat

2 Min. Max Mountain Climbers

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