Prioritizing Mobilitiy

I’m notorious for being bad at warming up, stretching, mobilizing, or anything in that ballpark. The mobilization portion of the challenge, for example, was 100 times harder than dodging sugar or grains. I can’t stand stretching.

On mobility island with Randy Kobata.

I hate it..

..But, I can squat.

Many of the students at FFOTB have much to gain from increased flexibility, especially in their squat and many overhead positions. Call me lucky, because I don’t have that problem (Catching 9 innings 200+ times a year for a decade or more covered that base for me). The ability to achieve certain body positions and ranges of motion opens doors to bigger, safer fitness gains.

If flexibility is standing in the way of you and a text book bodyweight, front, back, and/or overhead squat, then you’re preventing your fitness to grow. Being able to move through entire ranges of motion isn’t just our style, it’s important to your progress.

Extra wide squat stance? Forward inclination? Knees track inside your shoe laces? You’ve got one job, and that’s to improve your flexibility enough to achieve an excellent squat. Doing so will allow you the chance at a 400lb back squat or a double double weight deadlift or a 3 minute baseline time.

Until then, you’re taking a knife to a gun fight. Squat on..

Saturday’s Workout:

-No Class (PIT Retreat)-

Take Home WOD

5 rounds:

In 2 minutes:

15 Lateral Jumps (2-ct)

60 yd Shuttle (5-10-15)

AMRAP Jump Squats

-Rest 2 min-

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