Training for a Reason Beyond Reps

As many of you know, FFOTB spent the weekend with some lucky students on a fitness retreat to The PIT in Arroyo Grande, CA. The founder of The PIT, John Hackleman, is one of the most traveled UFC coaches on Earth and he’s even more personable and fun. It’s no wonder that he and Kenny Kane are such a dynamic coaching duo.

Every trip to train at The PIT leaves me motivated and clear. Much of the clarity I take away from my time with John stems from the focus of his training. See for the fighters at The PIT, it’s clear. You do things that will help you win fights. If it doesn’t help, they don’t do it. If it doesn’t help, they do do it. Simple enough, right?

Flags waving.

A huge differences we often see between our schools are the lack of rigorous standards for movement, meticulous coaching of movements, and no one cares about workout times or counts reps. No one could argue against the intensity or efficacy of their training, however.

This brings me back to our program. In our mission statement, we say that we are a outcome-based fitness school. What we are after, then, is the result (i.e. we don’t exercise to see how tired we can get) I don’t doubt our ability to meet our end goal one bit, but at the end of the day, if sweating the small stuff in your training is unmotivating or a distraction from our outcome then it’s worth reexamining.

The goal of improved fitness is to be better elsewhere in our lives. Being stuck in the idea that you must become great at exercising is missing the point in my book. Thanks, Hack!


Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:


3 Sandbag Deadlifts

6 Sand Bag Cleans

9 Sand Bag Presses

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