Grain-Fed Humans

Whether or not you choose to pony up the extra cash for grassfed meat or not, is up to you. I’m not here to sell you on that idea… at least not today.

Most of our nation’s beef is factory farmed and fed grains as a cheap, fast way to get cows big for slaughter. The grains are quite harmful to the cows which are naturally grazing ruminants, so much so that farms struggle just to keep them alive long enough to make it to slaughter. Grain fed cows pack on pounds at an incredible rate, which is a huge perk for the beef industry (time=money). The cons? Sick cows, less lean body mass, and so on.

FFOTB: On top of the world!

Do any of these “side effects” of consuming grains sound familiar?

Forget about being a beef consumer for  a moment and think about how grains may be affecting YOU. I’d say we should give thanks that our bodies do a much better job at keep us alive than these cows. The consequences, however, are not so much different by kind as they are in degree. The inflammation, weight gain, and disease seen in these cows are relevant for us, too.

What’s interesting is that these consequences are widely recognized in cows but not so much for humans, while obesity, diseases of inflammation, etc are rampant in our population. I see corn fed cows  and corn fed Americans… both of which are chronically ill.

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe Not.


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

5 Sand Bag Ground to Shoulder
15 Over the Bag Jumps (Forward)

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  • Matt Cipolla says:

    Never thought of it from this perspective before…very insightful!

    Also, it took me a few seconds to realize that by “nation” you meant the USA and not FFOTB Nation. Had myself a good chuckle once I realized my misinterpretation.

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