Here’s a confession for you… this place is a passionate one. There aren’t many students in our community that come when they have a free morning here and there. For the most part, the people at FFOTB are head-over-heels with the idea of this community and living their lives with the Awesome Button stuck in the “On” position.

If you’re in the FFOTB Family, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Well, here’s a thought… some folks may join the gym that aren’t as die hard, but are in the community nonetheless. They will show up once or twice a week and they will head home. No hugs. No inside jokes. They probably won’t rally the “Nation” for their birthday, or take photos of their pets in FFOTB regalia either.

Functionally dressed pups!

Sad isn’t it?

Well, we must prepare for these instances. Hell, there may be some of these folks among us. Have it be known that these people are called “Two-Percenters.” Not that there is anything wrong with that…

You see 98% of us are a call or a text away at all times. We will let you know when you are slipping, and we will celebrate your victories. We won’t leave you if you haven’t finished the workout… even if it’s a few minutes after class. We make FFOTB what it is, and our heart is bigger than that big blue ocean we look at every day in class.

The name comes from a Fighting Texas Aggies tradition (Andrew Jayne & Lindsey Mathews’ Alma Mater). “Two-Percenter” is in reference to those that refuse to immerse themselves into the Aggie traditions and pride. If you aren’t dressed head to toe in maroon, or miss the midnight “yell practice” before football games, you can expect jeers and recognition as a “Two-Percenter.” Let me tell you, life is better in the thick of it.

Two-Percenters: Recognize them. Embrace them. They need you.

Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

As many reps as possible in 15 minutes with a partner:
200m Run
Max Front Squats (135/95)

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