10/20/17 - Tactical Strength Challenge Comes to DEUCE

Pavel Tsatsouline’s globally respected company, StrongFirst, certifies coaches and provides high caliber training programs and research for thousands of passionate followers. One of the handful of achievement based experiences they offer is called the Tactical Strength Challenge, and it’s coming to DEUCE Gym October 28th.

After all, what is training without a measurable goal?

Join an eclectic group of athletes on October 28th at 9AM to test your strength and fitness in this globally regained event. Participants will find a one rep max deadlift, max reps pull up test (or flexed arm hang for novice women), and a five minute max kettlebell snatch effort. These three events provide a comprehensive look at one’s fitness capacity and is done in a safe, fun environment for all fitness levels.

Registration is just $30 and all participants receive a FREE Tactical Strength t-shirt. Ready to join us? SIGN UP HERE.


Logan Gelbrich


10/20/17 WOD

9×3 Bench Press (~70%)


Then, AMRAP 8

2 Bar Muscle Ups

8 DB Front Squats (50/30)