3/22/13 - Inspiration to Run

Last Sunday I watched the LA Marathon for the third year in a row. Each time I witness this event I want to do it. Usually this feeling soon goes away due to my boredom with running long distances. This year I’ve decided that I want to do a marathon. It may be the LA marathon or may not be, but it will happen.

There I said it.


Join us tonight!

This past weekend, I watched thousands of people run by us while we cheered for them and I couldn’t help but be amazed by people doing this. The effort that people are putting out there is inspiring. I saw children, I saw old men, and old women. I saw mothers and fathers, young adults, those that you would consider athletes, and those that would not be considered athletes. There are many individuals that stand out in my mind, from the woman from Belarus that won with an outstanding time of 2:26 in her first marathon, to the man from Kenya that cruised across the line in 2:06. Although these performances were notable, these were not the ones that stand out the most to me.

I saw a girl who rounded the corner of San Vicente and Ocean Ave, and she slowed to a walk. Her legs were so exhausted, she looked like a baby horse trying to stand up. She was 25 miles in. So incredibly close to the finish. She teetered for a handful of steps, and finally collapsed. She was broken. It brought me to tears. A man from the crowd hustled out to her and helped her stand. Her legs at this point were doing their own thing. She barely could keep it together. She was holding back tears, and little did she know, so was I. Somehow she dug down and I saw her begin to run again towards the finish. I would imagine that she finished the race soon after. I have no idea who this girl was, and I will most likely never know. But I learned something as an athlete, as a coach, and as a person. I learned that the body is capable of so much more than even you know. Clearly she was not giving up. Well done, lil miss. It is not about winning. It is about showing up and putting yourself on the line. For me, it’s about seeing what this body you have is capable of.

There were many other people that I saw locking up. Their quads, hips, calves, etc failed on them. I saw dads running with daughters, daughters running with dads. Each one made me tear up. The pain on the athlete’s face, and the support coming from the crowd was remarkable.

What a day?! What a beautiful thing, all these people out there making themselves better?

To those of you that ran: Shirley, Niki, Dana, Tony, and Dossy. You inspire me, and you amaze me, as well. I am sure you inspired plenty others, too. That is what this is about!

Thank you!


Danny Lesslie


Friday’s Workout:

For Load: 3 Rep Hang Power Clean Cluster

Complete 4 Rounds for reps of:  (60:60)

In 60 seconds:

8 Burpees

Max Power Clean (135/95)

-Rest 60 Seconds-