1/23/17 - Bring Value

Bring value to everything you do. If there is one thing that has helped me clarify things that I was doing in my life, it was this. The people that I see do this just happen to be the most accomplished and happy people I know. Because, who wants to bring value to something they feel is a waste of time? That is a pretty rough road right there.

In order to bring value to something you have to be on board with that idea in the first place. You have to frame it in your mind in such a way that requires you to prepare and engage with others in a positive light.

We exist in this world where retailers are attempting to pay the smallest sum possible for something and sell something for the greatest cost, extracting all the value for themselves. This is at the heart of capitalism. Buy low sell high is a mantra in many businesses. But, what if the goal was to provide the most value possible to each person you come into contact with rather than just to take the most value? There are many stories of businesses that have changed the game adopting this mantra as theirs. Nordstrom is a classic in this example. Their sales team is given the latitude to go to extremes to make a customer happy. Many restaurants have also sent shirts out for dry cleaning/bought guests new shirts after they spilled on them, and various other similar actions to go over and above. These things get etched in peoples minds and they never forget you. This is different, this is value, this is how it should be. Love what you do, or do something else.

I think this world we live in could use a little effort on our parts, all of our parts. If there was one way you could bring more value to the table today, what would that be? One good place to start is just showing up for the things that you choose to do in your life. If you say you are going to do something show up and do it, and be happy about it. Otherwise, go do something else. No one needs your negative energy around.

In this new year, you have a choice. It’s yours to make. The value is yours to bring.


Danny Lesslie


1/23/17 WOD

Find 1RM Clean & Jerk


Then, AMRAP 8

10 Front Squat (155/105)

40 Lateral Plyo Skiier Hop