12/5/18 - Agreed: Now Let’s Do It

I use an example often in seminars that I teach that sets a tone I think we all can benefit from. The example is that of a dinner party. You know the kind of dinner party where there are a bunch of loosely connected people in attendance? I mean the kind of dinner party where people don’t fully relax at, everyone eats their meal, and they unanimously drive home wishing things went different.

If you’ve ever been to a dinner party like this you’ll know that they are often a disappointing time. There’s lots of small talk and a veil of hesitation in the group. In this situation, we know one thing is for certain. No one came to the party hoping to have a bad time. Yet, this is often the result. What is that about?

Humans are confusing characters. They’ll group up and go to a party they all want to have fun at and they will all leave without having had any fun.

This dynamic happens because everyone is thinking it and no one is saying it. More importantly, everyone is thinking it and no one is doing it. More or less, each person in the group is looking for the others to lead the way.

This isn’t the only place that this happens. It happens in relationships, in work environments, and even in entire industries. After all, how many relationships flounder because both parties want the same things while neither step up to give it? What work environment isn’t full of people that wish they could speak their minds while the culture continues to support stiffed opinions, politics, and ass kissing? Doesn’t it seem odd that everyone in the healthcare industry thinks the healthcare industry is broken?

We all want the same things. This is true at least much more often than we give credit for. If you want a fun vibe, be a fun vibe. If you want manners back en vogue, have them. If you want people in LA to hold doors open, then hold doors open.

You’re all thinking it. Do it.


Logan Gelbrich


12/5/18 WOD

Find a heavy double KB turkish get-up (each)..

Then, complete 3 rounds for meters of:
In 3 minutes..
8 Double KB Front Squats (53/35)
8 Double KB Push Presses
8 Double KB Thrusters
Max Distance Row
-Rest 3 minutes-