Proximity to Your Training

How close are you to your training? There’s a certain closeness that happens when you’re focused and in tune with your time in the gym. What I’m talking about is a certain accuracy in your self-awareness.

When I’ve been the “closest to my training” I knew with specific detail what I was and wasn’t capable of. The guesses were never wild. I knew exactly how to warm up to a true five rep max and I knew how to choose weights and attack conditioning sessions for maximum efficacy.

Mental distance from your training or a lack of self-awareness comes from inconsistent schedules, passive focus while training, and a lack of willingness to explore your training edge.

Take today’s five rep max to test how close you are to your training in your mind. Have you put a weight on the bar that you couldn’t even press once? This is low awareness. Were you able to hit a heavy effort within a pound or two of failure? Now we’re talking!


Logan Gelbrich


4/26/19 WOD

5RM Strict Press


In 14 minutes, complete the following:

30 Toes-to-Bar

30 Power Cleans (135/95)

30 Reverse Lunges


Then, immediately establish a 1RM Hang Clean