There’s an App for That

They say the future of humanity will be owned by two kinds of people: people with the most capital and the people who integrate best with technology. This sounds bleak for a non-millionaire who can’t code. Until then, though, we’ve got plenty of living to do, how about that?

Just the other evening, in true Silicone Beach fashion, I met a guy who’s developed an app. “It’s a lifestyle wellness app,” he said “that gives alerts and reminders to do the things we want to stay on top off.” It’s supports ideas like flow, breath, and mindfulness. 

I hope he crushes it. I also hope that for as long as possible we can use technology as a means to put the cherry on top of a mostly human effort, not the other way around. What many developers and early adopters of apps like this don’t realize is the idea of flow or mindfulness comes with an incredible engagement with both self and the moment. We can’t package flow. Even if we could, should we? The notion that we can nudge nirvana with push notifications seems misguided, but for our sake I hope I’m wrong about that.


Logan Gelbrich


4/8/19 WOD


Single Arm DB Push Press (Ea)


Then, complete 3 rounds for time of:

200m Row

25′ Handstand Walk

-Rest :90 seconds-


Then, complete the following for reps:


10 Shoulder-to-Overhead (125/90)

10 Front Squats (125/90)

10 Over-the-Bar Burpees