Team Traffic

As I was sitting in traffic the other day, I had a crazy thought. I was listening to all of these people honk at each other with the occasional middle finger usually accompanied by plenty of swear words, and my mind went to an interesting place. What if we viewed traffic like a team? We are all going the same direction. We all have a place to be. We would all enjoy getting there a bit sooner. We would be much better off to try and work together. I mean call it crazy, but the whole lot of us would clearly benefit from a bit of consciousness around the whole.

I am not saying everyone has to give up their own selfishness for their personal agenda, but recognize the situation that is the number of travelers. I could care less who you are or where you are going, but I am happy to get where I am going faster if letting you merge will do that. After all we all do choose the roads we travel on. The scary part here is the accountability of control. Admitting to yourself that you chose this, and that you are responsible for your place in this moment. It’s not the traffic’s fault.

Understanding that the state of travel during the day pushes more people to certain times provides huge insight on how you might spend your time if you choose to be mobile. You could leave earlier. You could leave later. You could use the time and make phone calls or listen to books on tape. You could bike. You could use public transportation. You could carpool. You could walk. You could move your house or apartment. You could also get a new job.

Resigning ourselves to something as petty as fighting amongst each other for one slot from light to light seems infantile when you think about it. I, for one, can say I have been there. I wasn’t thinking about being on the same team as this jackwagon in the other car. I felt much more like a hockey player throwing down his gloves, getting ready to throw up my dukes.

Before you jump back behind the wheel and go tearing off to your next destination. Think about the person next to you in traffic. Maybe they have an urgent schedule. Who knows? Just simple awareness for others can make a huge difference. Think about the merging of traffic. When it goes one for one, cars almost don’t even have to slow down. Then, one a**hole starts to try and squeak two in there and the braking and swearing begin. Collectively, the experience spirals into the depths of something very similar to the 405 at 5:30pm. Lord, help us all. Awareness and some mobile empathy will help us out a lot these days. Think about the team just for a second. Keep your own agenda, but understand that all ships rise or burn together.


Danny Lesslie


2/15/18 WOD


Strict Press


Then, complete 3 rounds for reps of:

Max Push Presses (135/95)

-Rest 2 min-


Then, the complete the following for time:


Hang Power Clean (135/95)

Calories (Assault Bike or Row)