Those Times

“What will your children remember? Moments spent listening, talking, playing and sharing together may be the most important times of all.”

— Gloria Gaither
This quote hits me for a pretty obvious reason. But, I think it rings true for most of us regardless of parenthood. We work hard to achieve a lot of things in this life. There is plenty of BS to spend your time on, and plenty of people that will take all of your time if you let them.

I think these times that you spend with those close to you are the best. It is so easy to let opportunities get away from us. It is too easy to say, “I am tired.” It is too easy to flip on the tv, it is too easy to put your headphones on, or open the computer. The cell phone seems to take all of the conversation out of a room instantly. I see rooms full of people all using their phones all the time.

If those times are so rich, how come we all seem to be actively avoiding them so often? Don’t discount your effect on those around you. Lending an ear for just a moment might be just enough to get someone through their day.

Playing is another hard one. It seems to have escaped adults these days. I am guilty of this all the time. Putting some play in your day, or at least some playfulness will change your day, for sure. The other day I was walking the dog and I wasn’t in a very good mood at the time. We approached the place where we play on our daily walks and I decided to give it a go. Almost immediately my day got better. I made just a small decision and a snippet of play and the whole day was different. God Bless my dog! He had a shining moment, and I needed it.

Either way, whatever your situation is, don’t miss the most important times. Facebook will survive if you don’t check your notifications for another hour. And feel free to throw a tennis ball at me anytime because we gotta keep it loose over here.


Danny Lesslie


7/21/15 WOD

Find a heavy double paused front squat..



Then, AMRAP 8
30 Front Squats (115/75)
10 Toes-to-Bar
200m Run
20 Front Squats
10 Toes to Bar
200m Run
Max Burpees to Plate