Empathizing for Family

A number of words come to mind when one thinks of the city of Los Angeles. Empathy usually isn’t one of the first hundred words that come to mind. You see, it’s empathy that has connected the world over time. History has shown that tribes, religion, national borders, and even universities provide structures that support empathy.

“American? Me too!”

In that way, two seemingly different fellows who attended Florida State University, for example, can sit text to one another on an airplane and talk, relate, and connect. Los Angeles, and even Venice, is such a diverse population of folks walking a million different paths in their lives that it’s quite easy to flip someone off on the road or scoff at someone in the express lane at the grocery store with thirteen items.

Empathy, as expressed as being able to recognize the mindset and emotions of someone else, however, changes things. All sorts of Christians, for example, with nothing else in common but their Christianity are able to come to together and enjoy community and relations. Rich experiences are possible with empathy. Understanding ideas like “family,” “love”, and “compassion” are possible with empathy.

It’s not a far cry to recognize that the empathy that a place like DEUCE Gym creates among the residents of Los Angeles has a similar effect. Simply identifying with being a DEUCE Gym athlete, comes with a community of empathy. If you’ve watched the video above, there might not be a more important concept to experience.

I treasure being able to empathize with you all. The feelings of struggle, chasing goals, fitting it all in, and life is best experienced with you all. Thank you.


Logan Gelbrich




6/20/14 WOD

2 Deadlift (AHAP)

Complete the following for time:
50 Burpees

(:10 work/ :20 rest)