Excelling without Pomp and Circumstance

It doesn’t matter the venture, our success most often comes from our execution in the least glamorous moments. The dark days of offseason practice and the unrecognized efforts in the gym are the most important yet least motivating moments in becoming a champion. All of your competitors will find it easy to expend energy and find focus when the lights are on and the crowd is going wild. It’s being able to excel, then, without the pomp and circumstance that will define your success.

Think of a marathon, for example. Anyone can show up and perform around the starting line with the buzz of the start, the crowds, and the energy of it all. And, if you’re lucky enough to make it this far, the finish brings a reenergizing support system of music, celebration, and the proverbial carrot of a finish line dangling just before you. It’s those parts in the middle of the race, however, where there’s no crowd cheering or energy of the starting gun that makes or breaks the race.

Everyone can show up for the pomp and circumstance. But, it’s how you are able to perform without it that defines your success most.

Do you find yourself taking on a new project at work, weight-loss strategy at the gym, or a budding relationship with a significant other only to lose steam when the newness wears off and the glam of success isn’t yet within reach?

Everyone wants to be a Navy SEAL when they watch the recruiting video, but they don’t think about being wet and sandy in Hell Week. Playing guitar in a a rock band looks amazing on stage, but few are ready for the bus rides. Having the figure of a body builder seems enticing on stage, but few want to weigh and measure their food.

If you can succeed without the pomp and circumstance, you’ll surely be able to succeed with it. When the going gets rough, it’s your time to shine!


Logan Gelbrich




3/31/14 WOD

“Bear Complex”

Complete 5 rounds for max load:
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press

-Rest as needed between rounds-