[VIDEO] Too Damn Short

Want to know why? Life’s too damn short. That’s why.

Life’s too damn short to spend it doing meaningless work. It’s too damn short to be average. Why in the world wouldn’t you spend your precious moments doing exactly what you want to do?

Students of the game.

Students of the game.

Life is absolutely too short to live unchallenged. It’s way too damn short to settle in and cruise. Life is for the active. It’s to be broken, rebuilt, and broken again.

I can’t tell you how nervous it makes me feel that folks are letting moments pass idly. It’s especially disheartening when we know that through remarkable experience we can manipulate time. A true challenge can turn seconds into hours and exhilarating fun can turn hours into seconds. Yet, we pick careers based on the opinions of others and we justify our physical and mental abilities on the mediocrity around us. Why?

Life is Silly Putty. Mold it. Shape it. Make it.

Life’s too damn short to sit around. Get up dance. Win. Create. Challenge.


Logan Gelbrich




11/20/13 WOD

3 rounds for quality of:
8 Ring Rows
8 Slide to Hollow
8 Rolling Candle Sticks

5 Pistols
25 Hand-to-Hand KB Swings