DEUCE for What It Is

Take a look at the photo below. It’s of the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany.


This cathedral is a remarkable landmark. Being an exceptional display of architecture, any laymen could look at the workmanship of the design and execution of the building and appreciate it. Furthermore, subject matter experts in design, construction, and architecture can, and still do, look at the work as an example of brilliance.

Inside the cathedral, too, are pieces of art of incalculable value. Wood sculptures from as early as 1290, and even an oak crucifix from 960. And no, those are not typos. A rare, world famous piece of art in the cathedral called the Shine of the Three Kings, is believed to hold the remains of the Three Wise Men. Surely, even the most uneducated onlookers can appreciate the history and beauty of these pieces of art. And, like the architecture, even artists can recognize this cathedral as one of the most amazing displays of art in the world.

What’s my point?

Despite these facts about the cathedral, to view the Cologne Cathedral as a structural example of architecture would miss the forest for the trees. In the same light, walking in to the Cologne Cathedral as if it were an art museum would be a mistake of the same kind.

The Cologne Cathedral is a house of worship.

Entering the cathedral with any other context, in my opinion, would be a mistake. And, though DEUCE Gym isn’t home to priceless art and breathtaking beauty, it can fall victim to the same mistake.

Walking in to our fitness school and getting duped by the barbells, the leaderboard, or the sound system would, in my opinion, miss the forest for the trees. Yes, we will get strong. Yes, we will compete. And, of course we will listen to music and have fun doing it. But…

DEUCE is a house of learning. And, to view it any other way would miss the forest for the trees.

Welcome to DEUCE Gym, everyone.

Logan Gelbrich

7/22/13 WOD

Stay Tuned! – Our CrossFit/GPP Program starts soon.