A “Bad” Day

The other day I coached a class, a few of you were a part of it and might remember.  This class felt very different from most.  The mood was at the most somber.  It was almost Smile-less (yep I made that up). Of course, this is a very rare occurrence on the bluffs. Kind of like seeing a unicorn.  The normal laughing and joking just wan’t there. I was mildly alarmed, even.  It was very quiet, very little talking.  I tried to make jokes about it but this didn’t shake the vibe.  Even though the mood was not as light as it usually was athletes showed up, warmed up, did skill work and gave it their all in the workout.

 As a coach, we want every class to be the best class ever, and we want each class to be the workout that sparks each athlete to want more.  This is a bit unrealistic, I guess, but we all have goals.

Blue skies.

The point of this post is not about the mood, but it has everything to do with the mood.  On this Monday, everyone had a long day.  There were a zillion reasons between this group of athletes as to why they shouldn’t come work out.  I would make a list, but I am sure everyone has at least a few handily ready.  They came, nonetheless. And, that’s the point.
I witnessed the power of community on this day.  “The Nation” was strong.. so much so that it didn’t take talking or laughing to get the day’s work done. We (You) showed up, got better, and are stronger for doing this.
As coaches, our primary concern is for everyone to learn something in each class, if not a whole lot of things.  Thank you for flipping the script on your coach on this day and teaching me something.  This “Nation” we are a part of is much more powerful than we can imagine.  We make each other better.  Don’t ever forget that. The day when you choose not to come to class, might just be the day someone needs to see your shining face in class.
Cheers to being a part of something bigger than ourselves.  I can’t exactly put into words what this group of people mean to me.  And I definitely don’t have enough fingers to put on it.  But I can tell you, there is something amazing that happens on that Bluff  “Every Damn Day” (Thanks Nike).
Keep showing up and we can take this way further than we can imagine.
Danny Lesslie
Friday’s Workout:
3 Power Snatches (95/65) EMOM for 11min
@ Minute 12 complete the following for time:
Run to the sand and back (via Montana stairs)

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