FFOTB Presents: Organic Meal Service

When you don’t have a roof, let alone walls at your gym, you’re community is EVERYTHING. Our community has been the glue for this entire operation and many of our students have stepped into roles much larger than that of “classmate.” Student, Reyna Pecot, is no different. Her career is that of an exceptional chef, splitting times between the infamous Smokehouse at Whole Foods Venice and another chef position.

We are working with Reyna to use her skills to improve the performance and fitness of our community. And, yes that includes you! Check it out:

Jun Endo – Infielder – Mount Mercy College Baseball

Reyna’s Fresh Organic Garden Meals

After meeting Logan and Danny and the some of the community in which they train, I want to contribute to you all. The training is vigorous. Hydration and fuel is definitely needed.  I thought to myself, why not create healthy meals and vitamin packed juices for everyone?

I am bringing fresh and organic meals, herbal elixirs and juices to you… the student on the go. I am looking to supply people who are looking for real food with ingredients you feel really good about. This program will be an excellent  source where you will receive vitamins, minerals, and herbs that will take care of your body and mind through its’ ailments, battling disease, or just good ‘ol energy. 

I really miss the access I had to farm fresh goods Northern California and what it can offer to their communities. I remember driving up to a “mom and pop” health food store and seeing farmers bring their goods right to the door. The knowledge that my food came from a source that I can trace back to gave me calm energy with a great sense of comfort.  I want to bring that to you.  All of my produce is partially from my garden, “mom and pop” health food stores, and the farmer’s market. 

Here’s how the program works:

I will have a set meat/vegetable based lunch and dinner available along with a selection of vegetable and/or fruit drinks, and protein drinks. All meals, protein shakes, vegetable and/or fruit drinks need to be ordered the morning ahead of the day needed (i.e. Monday morning 10am deadline time for Tuesday delivery).  From there I can prep and deliver meals to the community.

This is all being developed, so keep an eye out for a calendar of meals and pricing information. Expect things to start rolling August 17th. COMING SOON 🙂 

Be strong, be vibrant, and be amazing!


There you have it FFOTB Nation! I know I’ll be utilizing this meal program. Time is so valuable these days, and unfortunately the food supply that caters to convenience almost never has performance in mind. Reyna just may well be our saving grace!

Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

3 Rounds for time:
5 Front Squats (185/135)
400M Run (200m twice)

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