Want to Get Fit? Context Matters

On my recent trip to Morocco, I found myself talking with a couple from Philadelphia. They were a high powered duo. The wife was a surgeon and the husband was a marketing executive. We were having dinner in a tent in the middle of the Sahara desert so there weren’t many distractions. Our conversation led

DEUCE on the Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

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I had the great pleasure of joining former UFC fighter, Kyle Kingsbury, on his podcast. The concepts we touch on range from an essentialist perspective of performance, the principles of Going Right, and even the first time we met.  While I’m biased, I think this conversation is worth a listen to upgrade your commute or

Measurement and How Close You Look

Here’s a pop quiz for you: how long is the coast of California? It’s a trick question, because you’ll get a different answer depending on what resource you ask. The California Coastal Commission, for example, says it’s 1,100 miles long, while many other resources claim it’s 840 miles. A simple search on Quora, however, reveals

Curiosity Dethrones Unruly Dogma

Victor Hugo once said, “Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come.” When an idea is a prevailing concept, it reigns like a King. Ironically, this maxim has a fragile characteristic. The reign of ideas whose time has come can defend against new ideas.  I listened to an interview recently with a geologist

On Quitting

It’s contagious. First and foremost, it should be known that quitting begets more quitting. Depending on how your self-talk is running right now, this might land on you as bad news. Let me interject. Sure, I hear you. It’s tough to hear that if you’re infected, so to speak, with a bout of quit. It