FREE Community Workout Saturday

This Saturday has your name on it. Like every first Saturday of the month, we have a FREE Community Workout that is open to the public. The all-levels class begins at 9AM. If you know someone who has expressed interest in the gym, this Saturday is a fun introduction. If you’ve trained the same number

Why No One Can Afford to Hedge

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There’s an illogical mindset that hijacks our best life. What it looks like is a hedging of our best effort for some later date in a better circumstance. After all, which comes first? Do you find yourself in the position you wish for because you’ve done your best work or does your best work come

Ready, Set, Hesitate

I found an old photo yesterday around the house. In fact, I remember the awkward moment when my economics professor handed me the newspaper clipping more than ten years ago. It was a photo of me getting picked off of first base in a weekend series over the previous weekend. If you want to know

When “Going Light” is Wrong

Controversial title, I know. Here’s the deal. This isn’t about bravado or ego. It’s about adaptation. It’s worth clarifying for students and coaches alike that, unless your workout is a sport in and of itself, the reason any exercise is prescribed in the gym is to send a certain signal to the body to guide

DEUCE Diaries: Boys to Men

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Did you know that our sister gym, DEUCE Athletics, began in the back of a South Bay baseball academy? Twins Jake and Kyle Sonandres were two of the first members of the gym which now services both adults and young athletes towards their performance goal. DEUCE Athletics has since moved to its own location in