Pessimists Included

Do you identify as an optimist? I do. Whether you do or don’t is beside the point, because there’s importance in being able to take on both positive and negative views of the future. 

Being able to see idealistic outcomes is what builds our target. If you can’t imagine what you want, it will be an accident if you get it. The optimist likely has no trouble seeing the goal. Once you can see the goal, it’s time to get to work. 

How, though, would it be beneficial to have a negative view? Well, science shows that since almost no plan happens idealistically that being able to see likely shortcoming and challenges prepares us for when they come up. The psychology of thinking negatively isn’t necessarily negative.

Like any cognitive exercise, don’t succumb to either or thinking. Asking if being optimistic or pessimistic isn’t the right question to ask. Can you better integrate both optimism and pessimism to your mental frame for maximum performance?

Here’s a podcast to support this notion. 


Logan Gelbrich  




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4/14/20 WOD

Trunk Stability Progression:


Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

4 Side Star Plank + 4-Ct Iso Hold (L)

4 Side Star Plank + 4-Ct Iso Hold (R)

6 Slide-to-Hollow


 Conditioning for a score:


Then, AMRAP 10

800m Run


2, 4, 6, 8.. Hand Release Push Ups

30 Lateral Jumps (over a 3″ Obstacle)