DEUCE Holiday Schedule

We’ve got special holiday hours coming your way, so take note of the annual changes so you can stay moving this holiday season.   Monday December 23rd – AM & PM Tuesday December 24th – AM only   December 25-29th – Closed   Monday December 30th – AM & PM Tuesday December 31st – AM

The Common Thread Isn’t Excellence

In a far too brief moment at our holiday party, I made a short toast. The gist was that the folks inside of this community are a uniquely remarkable bunch. This is true even for LA standards. While it’s worth mentioning all the wonderful accolades and accomplishments from our diverse group from the silver screen

Membership Prices to Increase in 2020

We’ve been spreading our own rumor about this and it’s true. While this won’t affect current members, we want folks who are thinking of waiting until the New Year to have a chance to save.  Starting January 1st membership dues will increase for new contracts. We take pride in being able to empower coaches to


Picture this. You’re headed out of town for the holidays, your flight’s tomorrow morning, and you’re determined to get in a workout before leaving. The only caveat here is that you’ll need to wake up earlier than usual to make it happen. Like, three hours earlier. Also, waking up three minutes earlier for you is

The Best Way to Mix.. Mixes

When I tell you that we’ve got some vitamin powder that we need dissolved into some water, I mean it. The thing is I have lots of experience with Emergen-C so I’m a big stir-with-a-spoon-guy. My advice? Just pour in the powder and stir it up. Easy day. The problem is you’ve seen a million