Choosing Confronting Circumstances

How would you get to know yourself? We talk about this sort of thing in our language, but how do we do it? Someone will say something like, “She really needs to gets to know herself.” Of, a friend might say something like, “I didn’t know who I was at that age.” While we know

Help Us Kill Hater Culture

The comments section is where cowards shine. Our beloved student and artist, Ruben Rojas, made a piece once that called out Hater Culture which bold text that says, “You could make this, but you won’t.” This rebuttal to critics of his elegant style of art is a powerful reminder that critics without skin in the

Exposing Mechanical Advantages

When’s the last time you missed a front squat three inches before lock out? For me the answer is zero times. I’m open to exceptions to this observation, but as a movement coach I recognize that behind my experience and the experience of many others is a rooted in an important truth. We have a

Removing “Slack” in Learning

I’ve written before about sub-optimal learning environments. When it comes to learning, you don’t need to get too far down the rabbit hole to realize that not all training and practice is created equal. It’s possible to mostly waste an hour of learning and it’s possible to exponentially improve the learning returns in the same

Fear Elected Mayor

Fear runs the show in many minds. Just last week I heard a Green Beret member of Delta Force talk about a deployment in which he was responsible for the livelihood of an interpreter. As they walked up to a structure and the sound of machine gun fire the operator looked over to the unarmed