We talk a lot around here about holding the ever present standard. This is just as much of a motto as it is an applicable filter to view your actions and your decisions. You see this place is perfect. It is us humans that have the power to keep it that way or to diminish that reality. You can think of this place as DEUCE Gym, but we think of it as more than that. Expand this to your lives outside. Expand this to your relationships and your extracurriculars. Expand this to your work, and also your fitness.

Apply this standard to your life, and apply it to those around you. What if everyone’s actions were random, and held no true North. One day they were caring and helpful, and the next they were the complete opposite. One day they held fitness in the highest regard, and the next they were polluting their bodies with any cocktail of choice. One day they were there and the next they were not. All of their words say one thing, and their actions scream another. How would you operate? How would this effect you?

Have you set standards for your behavior and your habits in your life? Do you stay true to those? Our ability  to drive ourselves in any direction is directly related to the standards or guideposts we use to filter our actions and decisions. Standards can be very good things, and standards can in turn be bad things.

Take a look at how your standards may steer your direction. A few tweaks and you can be in the fast lane to where you want to go. Understand that your choices also affect others, this life is not a vacuum. Your best day is someone else’s worst day and your worst is likely someone else’s best. Both examples are completely unrelated, or maybe they are related.

Each day you, I, and “we” have the opportunity to uphold a standard. What that is is totally up to you.


Danny Lesslie


2/22/18 WOD

Find a 1 RM Clean & Jerk..


Then, AMRAP 5

3 Cleans (185/125)

25 Double Unders