Outside the Box

At the Bluffs, everything is outside the box.  From the very essence of the program, to how decisions are made, to where opportunities and successes come from.  I mean we are a gym, but nothing about us says, “gym.”  In fact, we are the epitome of the  “Un-gym.”  We are located on a world famous bluff and we’ve got grass for carpet.  Heck, our AC comes from the Pacific Ocean.  There are no walls and people walk right through class.  We are only there a few hours a day and then everyone and everything goes right back into their cars, and it is a park again.

FFOTB: Endless motivation.

When you tell someone about this place, it is definitely a mouthful to describe.  Even if you are just trying to say the name, which we so eloquently made a 5 word phrase.  It all plays into the brilliance of what this is.  Clearly, the best way to put your finger on this experience, this community, is to not even try.  It is to experience it for yourself.  If I called my friends in Kansas City and asked them how many of them hug all the people at their gym before they leave, they would laugh at me.  Well in this place, you will see this daily. This is clearly a culture of people that are living outside the box, and “it is almost like it works.”

Our future is surely locked in to be quite the ride.  It will most definitely be an 0utside-of-the-box-existence.  I hope that this place has encouraged you to not only think about your fitness differently, but maybe your life as well.  I am not a huge reader. I am not even a recreational reader, but this book title sticks in my mind for some reason.  “Whatever you think, think the opposite!” by Paul Arden if a fun little book to flip though to flip your perspective. This is clearly an outside of the box type of read.  Sometimes this may be the type of thinking that gets you through a tough time.  It surely has brought an amazing amount of joy to our lives.
Here’s to making your own way.  Here’s to blazing your own trail.  Here’s to just going for it.  Here’s to going for broke.  If your life was a book, would you read it?
Here’s to thinking outside of the box!
Danny Lesslie
Saturday’s Workout:
Complete the following for time:
Front Squats (135/95)

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