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Consider relating a gregarious feat like accomplishing a life goal to a drag race. As the driver, the goal is obviously to win the race. Many components contribute to achieving this feat, however, including speed, resistance, timing, investment in the car, practice, etc.

Like most lofty life goals, the drag race is anyone’s game. What makes winning drag races and earning corner offices difficult is the competition. You aren’t alone in the world. And, as long as others also want the things you want, you’re going to have to fight for it.

How, then, does one separate from the pack?

Big success takes the whole pie.

The trouble is there’s always someone who’ll give everything they’ve got to win, whether it’s a weekend drag race or the VP position with the corner office. If, for example, you send your dragster careening down the line with your thoughts on another race, or you’re light on the gas pedal due to fear, chances are at least one other driver is more focused and is willing to go full throttle.

As the end goal’s stakes are raised, so does the need for commitment. For example, if your goal is for your  garage band to play a live show, then practicing when you “have time” may well suffice because the local talent show accepts volunteer acts. If your goal is to play a sold out show at Madison Square Garden, however, you’ll need to devote your life to practice to have just the slightest chance of accomplishing the goal.

I see countless people every single day that want big things in their life. Most of them, however, are distracted and afraid to step on the gas. If you’re dreaming big, you’ve got to devote 100% of your being to your ideal outcome to even have a shot. As long as you’re giving something other than your best, you’re giving your dreams to those that are willing to give it all.

“All you can do is all that you can do. And, that’s always enough.”

Logan Gelbrich


In 12 minutes:
Run 1200m
20 Back Squats (95/65)
10 Front Squats
AMRAP Overhead Squats

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