Rule #1: No Squats in the Old Folks Home

We do an incredible amount of squatting here. We do so, not because we aren’t creative, but because squatting (and all it’s variations) are the building blocks of human movement. A well performed  squat  has the ability to repair imbalances and even injury in the body. Furthermore, the ability to squat well will transfer into ALL other areas of performance.

Squats come in all different kinds.

The founder of the CrossFit training methodology, Greg Glassman, described the power of this movement when he said, “People who do not know how to squat do not have normal hip function, don’t have normal leg functional. They can’t jump, run, throw or punch correctly.”

Independent woman.

There’s also an interesting connection with one’s ability to perform a squat and their ability to function in the world. There is an almost perfect inverse relationship between squatting and the need for assisted living. I’m not prepared to, nor am I intending to, prove causation here, but hear me out. If you can perform a squat and these things a true:

  1. Lumbar curve is intact
  2. Entire foot remains on the floor
  3. Knees track out over toes
  4. Hip crease passes below knee’d would negate the decrepit nature that requires assisted living in our elderly.

Well, like the question of what came first, the chicken or the egg? I ask which causes the other? Does one’s need for assisted living mean they can no longer squat, or does one’s lack of ability to squat then require assisted living?

My answer?… WHO CARES?

Just squat.


Logan Gelbrich


Complete the following for time:

Buy In: 50 Squats

12 Turkish Get Ups (53/35)
24 KB Swings
400m Run
16 Swings
400m Run
12 TGU
24 Swings

Cash Out: 50 Goblet Squats

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