Well, I am a hugger.  I will pretty much wrap just about anyone up in a good man hug, with no regard to how the person reacts.  Every once in a while this will lead to an awkward moment.  But most of the time, it is a welcome way of greeting one another.

We decided a long time ago that the bluffs was going to be a place with a surplus of hugs.    I truly believe that this is a huge separator of our program to most out there.  Every time class begins, class ends, the Nation goes to coffee, the Nation goes anywhere for that matter.  There are tons of hugs.  People around will actually watch in disbelief, as each person hugs each person sometimes taking an awkward amount of time.

Victory hug.

Now granted, hugs are just an outward way of showing much more.  Love, respect, adoration, camaraderie, trust, support, welcome, and team are just a few words that come to mind with a hug. What are the words that come to mind when you hug?  I would bet that they are nothing but positive.

We are a different community.   We are fitness minded, but most importantly we have a lot of fun.  Even if you are not much a fan of working out, come out for a laugh.  We have as many hugs as you an handle.  Bring it in!

Danny Lesslie


Friday’s Workout:

For time:
1000m Run
60 KB Swings (53/35)
60 KB Front Squats
*Perform 2 burpee broad jumps every minute on the minute

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