The Tie that Bonds

I spent the day yesterday in Eugene to watch my brother graduate from the University of Oregon. While visiting America’s home to track and field, I paid visit to Pro Fitness/ Track Town CrossFit right in the heart of the city. Given that my airline lost my bag, I walked in wearing my brothers clothes and somehow immediately felt at home.

SUPing with The Nation.

This isn’t simply a journal entry about my trip. This experience speaks to something I think our entire community can share. There is an entire world out there of folks that live the lifestyle like the one you live. There is a wold that speaks your language, and that’s the language of squats, presses, cleans, and push ups.

Naturally, I gravitated towards the coaches, but I know without question any members of The Nation could have dropped into that room and felt right at home. In my opinion, that’s incredible.

Track Town CrossFit has their super fit few, too. They also have a great breakthrough weightless story. They have inside jokes and style, just like we do.

The single tie that bonds folks like Andrew, Nikki, Embo, Ballew, Dana, Sel, Molly, and Jose, for example, also bonds us to folks we’ve yet to meet around the world. That tie is this lifestyle of fitness and community enrollment. Let that sink in a bit. It feels good. You’re a part of something much bigger than you could ever imagine.

Big thanks to the Track Town CrossFit crew.. You’ve got an incredible gym.

Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

Complete the following for time:

100 Squats
200M Run
50 Squats
400M Run
25 Squats
800M Run

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