“Pick a card, any card.”

My recent trip to see my brother graduate naturally exposed me to a great deal of young people with some very apparent career choices ahead of them. Naturally, many expressed some worry about the unknowns, economy, etc. In talking with these recent grads some of their comments worried me.

Girl power!

I realized later that my perspective on possibility might not be as common as I thought. Maybe it’s the way my parents brought me up, maybe it’s just the way things shook out for me, but I’ve always thought I could do everything.

Writing this feels a lot more pompous than it sounds in my head, but I just couldn’t empathize with these recent grads that were explaining their quest for the best  career available for them, as if they wanted to do bigger, cooler things, but couldn’t because, well… they were just them.

I’m realizing now that it may be weird that the only reason why I’m not an astronaut or a race car driver or an actor is because I don’t want to be those things, not because I think they are out of reach. What I heard a lot of this weekend was that grandiose dream-jobs were seemingly unrealistic.

The job hunt must be hard if you start by eliminating all the ones you want, isn’t it?

Imagine how life would feel if nothing was out of reach. I guess thats how I feel. Maybe I’m wrong, but at least the thought that if I wanted to climb Everest or run a marathon I could allows me the freedom to choose in the end.

Are there some things that you’ve ruled out in your life? These thing may not be career choices, either. A perspective that says a certain relationship, financial situation, or fitness level simply isn’t in the cards for you sure does stack the deck, doesn’t it?

Whether you want these things or not, I assure you the game is more fun when your playing with a full deck. You’re capable of more than you could ever want in this life. At least give yourself the chance to choose.


Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

5 Rounds:
3 Power Cleans (155/115)
8 Front Squats
100m Shuttle

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