Conjugate Method – GPP

Influenced by the incredible folks at Ohio’s WESTSIDE Barbell and Sweatt Shop Cincinnati, the program has the same general physical preparedness (GPP) goals as DEUCE GPP with more focus. This program builds a broad, general, inclusive fitness with a premium placed on strength and speed by using scientifically proven principles originally made famous in Russia and Eastern European olympic efforts.

Athletes will train a minimum of four days with a general training format that includes a “main move,” accessory work, constantly varied conditioning, and a high repetition finisher for recovery and blood flow. The four essential days include a max effort lower day, a max effort upper day, a dynamic effort lower day, and a dynamic effort upper day/ A special exercise day is optional.

This program offers higher performance returns but requires more commitment. Athlete’s need not be advanced or of a certain fitness level to participate, only committed to the ethos of the system.

This course is the key to unrestricted gains in strength, speed, and general capacity.