Breath & Exposure: DEUCE Gym’s Ice Bath & Sauna Facility

DEUCE Breath & Exposure

Breath & Exposure

DEUCE Gym's Sauna & Ice Bath Facility


DEUCE Garage
110 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 450-3969


M/W/F: 1:15PM
T/Th: 10:30AM
Sunday: 11:45AM
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To reserve your spot in any of the following B&E offerings, email

3 galvanized steel tubs for ice baths

Hand-built 8-seater dry heat barrel sauna

Enclosed shower, all along a custom-crafted redwood deck

The Breath & Exposure program was born out of a desire to not only provide, but evolve and diversify how breathwork, ice and heat exposure are shared in the health and wellness space. What makes B&E particularly unique is congruent with what makes DEUCE Gym like no place on Earth – a commitment to world-class coaching and education, embedded within remarkable culture. While this isn’t the only space in Los Angeles, let alone the world, that offers ice baths and saunas, what separates B&E from the rest is its expansive curriculum and community. Students have a wide array of options to access the program.

Which course is right for you?

An experience and an education.

This three-hour clinic will take you through a series of upregulating and downregulating breathwork, introduce you to basic hypoxic (low-oxygen) training, and guide you through contrast exposure, where you’ll cycle back and forth between a 200+ degree sauna and low 30-degree ice bath. You’ll learn to alter your state using basic breath, sauna and ice practices, and leave feeling like your body hit a much-needed reset button.

The goal here is simple: provide a world-class experience for you, and equip you with an arsenal of knowledge surrounding breath, heat and ice that provides you with the necessary toolkit to explore your own calibration of B&E protocols.

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This 8-week specialty course meets twice a week for one hour to explore breath, heat and ice, and beyond the basics.

Each week you’ll train through a variety of breath practices – including apnea, hypoxia, and nasal-only exercises – as well as learn how to more specifically fine-tune sauna, ice, and contrast exposure to best serve your performance and recovery needs.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s fun? There’s a reason we call it the "truth bath" and "truth barrel"…

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For those interested in maximizing performance and recovery, through breath and hot and cold exposure, beyond one-off or bi-weekly experiences, B&E 202 is for you.

B&E 202 offers 5-day/week programming, completely unique to anything else on the planet(!), AND offers students unlimited access to DEUCE’s exclusive sauna and cold-plunge facilities.

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For anyone looking to continue B&E practices but not quite comfortable returning to the gym just yet, B&E202 is for you! It includes 5x/week programming, available remotely via Train Heroic.

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Can I drop in to use the facility without taking a course?

Yes! 30-minute drop-ins are available nearly every day of the week during B&E Office Hours!

You can find the office hour times each day by checking the DEUCE Garage schedule on PushPress. Email DEUCE at to reserve your spot for one of the office hour sessions.

Drop In Price: $35 – Schedule Your Drop In

 Health & Safety Protocols for COVID-19

In accordance with the additional safety measures required at this time, the following modifications have been made to ensure the health of all students:

  • Mandatory temperature reading and hand washing before class
  • Guided breathwork and ice baths
  • Classes capped at 8 students to accommodate breathing & icing 6 feet apart. (Please note: Classes must be reserved ahead of time via PushPress.)

Reserve your spot in one of the courses

Email Coach Kimmy at

The B&E Curriculum

Nasal Breathing

This ain’t just about increasing “parasympathetic tone.” Learn and experience the benefits of nasal breathing for performance and for health, to improve your C02 tolerance and to feel better.


A fancy word for any breath hold, we’re borrowing from the best diver’s apnea protocols to take your lungs to the next level.


Interested in reaping some of the same benefits of high-altitude training, at sea level? You’ll learn how systematically training with low oxygen lends itself to massive improvements in aerobic capacity.

Cold Exposure

Did you know our nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, and muscular systems all have natural mechanisms in place to handle cold adaptation? Boost your immune system, rev your metabolism, and increase circulation & feel good hormones, including dopamine and norepinephrine.

Heat Exposure

Sauna time can improve longevity, endurance and aerobic capacity, cognitive function, our skin and our immune system, and also stimulate muscle growth. From seminar to 101 to 202, our B&E curriculum offers progressively more advanced experience and information to help you best utilize the sauna for your performance and health goals.


Mandatory. The backbone and x-factor to all of this.

Free Exercise Download

Download this simple breath exercise to start your Breath & Exposure journey. This is one of many ways that you can use breathing techniques to improve your life.

Breath & Exposure is for everyone. If you’re curious about it, please know that’s the only prerequisite to participating that you’ll need.

The experience awaits...

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