Tabata in Room 8

Being on the road for the second time this week has me out of my routine, tired,  and irritated. As a fitness coach, I found myself, asking myself what I’d be telling one of you if you were in my position. I know as well as anyone that being away isn’t much excuse to become sedentary.

On-the-go snacks.

My sluggish thoughts didn’t last long. Moment later I had my Tabata timer out and I was well into a Tabata Mash-Up of squats and push ups.

A few moments later I was done with my training for the day. I didn’t leave my hotel room and it didn’t cost a dime. Sure, doing Tabata intervals in your room won’t replace the efficacy of our training program, but it sure does have its place in times of need.

Being in a position that I’m used to coaching, but not necessarily acting in, was an important experience for me. Being away from the gym isn’t enough to excuse yourself from training (unless, of course, your intentionally taking a break). 

If you haven’t already been alerted to it, the suit case button on the right hand side of our website is a link to plenty of programming for times when you’re on the road and don’t have much equipment. If this really is a lifestyle for you, you’ll need such resources to avoid feeling like a fish out of water when your not at the bluffs.

FFOTB: Near and Far

Logan Gelbrich

Friday’s Workout:

Time VS Task


5 Strict Press (95/65)

Repeat Rounds of AMRAP 5 for time

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