Here’s to you, FFOTB Nation!

The only post appropriate today, on our first anniversary of FFOTB, is one of gratitude. Danny and I give thanks to each and every person who has had a hand in our journey in the past 365 days. For a gym without walls, the importance of community is magnified greatly. Without our people, we’re just another beautiful intersection in the City of Santa Monica.

You all deserve a pat on the back -- Thank you!

I often catch my pride as I think through what our family dynamic is really like. Images of an impostor fitness school just yards away, mimicking our every workout, enticing you all with free memberships come to mind and I smile at the prospect of not losing a single student. “They” (other trainers) don’t get it, but they aren’t in it with us. It isn’t about the workouts (which are brilliant), it’s not about cost (there’s always cheaper and more expensive), it’s not about the equipment (which is essential to any respectable strength and conditioning program), and in some ways it’s not even about the coaches. FFOTB is about you. It’s about each other.

I’m honored to coach everyone one of you, and I’d love nothing more than to coach you all again and again for years and years to come. Just know every time you see a bluffs t-shirt, a blog post shared, or a handful of new members around class, just know that you built this place. Each and everyone of you are founders of something incredible. So, thank you!


Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

FFOTB “Baseline”


2 Rounds for time of:
50m KB Overhead Walking Lunge (R)
20 WindShield Wipers
50m KB Overhead Walking Lunge (L)
20 Arch Rocks

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